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As always, All beekeeping is local. Here’s my offering for the beekeeping calendar for the South Carolina Midlands for the month of June:

Elderberry, Magnolia in earnest. Clover at end of month.

Plan on checks twice this month.

Pull supers and process spring honey ASAP but no later than by end of month.

Place wet supers back on hives for clean up.

Assessing bee population, remove any supers not needed and store.

Dearth begins this month. Start feeding when dearth begins with plan to keep alive until August then start stimulation.

Employ entrance reducers to discourage robbing. Remove Imirie shims.

Strong hives handle wax moths, beetles, and robbing better. Keep hives strong by equalizing space with population.

Any hive that is overachieving should be split and allowed to rear own queen now.

Check for Varroa. If levels met treat for Varroa mites using method of choice.

Keep water sources for bees filled.

June 1-30th
1)Harvest honey crop.
2)Replace wet supers on hives for the bees to clean up.
3)Assess and treat for Varroa.
4)Make summer splits.
5)Begin feeding program if needed.
6)Consider moving bees to sourwood or cotton to capture late summer flows.
7)Attend monthly meeting.
8)Volunteer at association event or festival.